I am very proud to present Black Crows as my new partner on skis! The winter is knocking on our door and my season kicks off now. I’m excited.

Black Crows is an independent and exclusive ski brand with its roots in the Chamonix Valley, France. Black Crows was born out of a desire to collide beauty and efficiency into skis and at the same time, being uncompromising in performance! In August, I had the pleasure to try some of the skis in a beautiful scenery under the Matterhorn, in Zermatt.

Black Crows Navis

Navis skis and Matterhorn behind

The Chamonix mountains was the perfect inspiraton for creators and pro skiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet when they decided to create skis that would give identity to contemporary skiing and also, skis that would change the norms that ruled on the ski market back in 2005. And they did. Read their full story here

Since then, Black Crows has evolved into one of the top ski brands for freeride and adventure free skiing.

Bruno Compagnet and Camille Jaccoux

Creators Bruno and Camille

It feels sweet to be taken in under the Crows wings. They make a perfect match with my passion for skiing in the wild mountains and of course, to loud music with a significant base!

But there is a symbol too connected to the black bird, a symbol that through out the years has become a tool for my mindset. I’ve used the bird as a mantra to produce good vibes and the type of focus I need to perform at my very best: My crow plays freely in the mountains, masters every flip with perfection and symbolize precision and curiosity to me. That’s the image of the black crow that I bring with me on the mountain, and that’s how I aim to feel when I ski!

Thank you BC!


Johanna Stålnacke Alagna

The photographer Johannes Strobel catched me skiing in Alagna, Italy last year

Winter starts now

This winter will be a journey through mountains, the beauty of exploring new areas and expanding my knowledge. Starting off as I write with a UIAGM/IFMGA guide course in Hemsedal, Norway, followed by a shorter flirt with the Alps before it’s time to take on the annual Advanced Ski Instructor course for the Royal Marines in Norway and Finland.

Late January, the path goes into the depths of the inner mountain regions in Norway where we will endure the cold, ski, train and develop the handicraft of guiding. And then in February, it’s time to enjoy the prime winter time in the Alps again with some exciting ski trips coming up through the season. Spring time is dedicated for the north regions of the world and Norway.

Johanna Stålnacke

Let’s make it a season of pleasure of senses through freedom and adventure!
If you would like to go skiing together this winter, please check out this page.

Hope to see you on the mountain.

Snowy wishes!

Glacier Rond Johanna Stålnacke